dinsdag 12 april 2011


So after I closed my laptop I made my lunch. After lunch I vacuumed around the house and I did my nails. After diner I went with my mom to her new flat, where she will be moving into soon. I helped her out with getting shit done, so she can start painting this weekend.

After lunch I just had a lot more energy. I took some snapshots of what happened the rest of the day, I don't see the point in telling a whole story when you can't see an image with it.


Wore these heels all day, the socks are really sexy like that.

At least I could listen to some good music while vacuuming!

Friggin weather! And yes, that view is butt ugly!

Had a nice cup of tea with honey for my sore throat. Green tea with cranberry (:

My nail broke :'(  That shit really gets me annoyed.

Trying to get the damn wallpaper off! And of course I had the crappiest wall to work with...
Well.. that was pretty much the rest of my day (: So eventually I did get some things done and I'm happy I did. Tomorrow I'll go shopping with a friend so I'll be busy as well. Wait SHE will be shopping, I'll just watch and be annoyed that I can't buy anything :P

Oh, I also called one of the companies about my job applications. The woman helped me out big time! She told me they never got it and that I should definitely  resend it! So I did and I got an e-mail saying they received it. Hooray ^^ That won't mean I'll get to have an interview, but it will at least show that I'm trying hard right?

Well tomorrow might be a happy post ^^


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