woensdag 13 april 2011

Hooray for today!

So I woke up around 11.30 a.m. OOPS! I was supposed to meet my friend at 1 p.m. so I didn't have much time for shower, getting dressed, make-up and breakfast. So I skipped the shower (there was always tonight!) and I didn't have time for breakfast either. So I got dressed quickly, did my morning facial routine, make-up and hair and ran out the door. What did I do today?

Well I went shopping! With my best friend (: She said she could save me , from wasting another day. And hell no I won't let someone tell me that twice! Honestly, because I didn't get to wake up the way I normally do I was a bit moody and not yet able to speak. Yeah, I have that in the morning sometimes, I just don't speak :P
But during our visit to H&M that all changed, because we had lots of things to talk about.

My best friend was looking for shoes though.. my god the horror! :P She is NOT easily satisfied when it comes to shoes. Not that I mind, but we also have very different taste in shoes. So almost every pair I picked wasn't really her thing or too high for her taste. So I gave up on that and just supported her instead.
The funny thing was... I was the one that ended up with a pair of shoes and she didn't! ^^
Well at least she bought them. (don't worry, I already paid her back!)

At the end of our fun day we sat down for a sandwich and some more gossiping. Too bad the weather wasn't that nice, else we would have had ice cream as well. When I came home I immediately shared my shoes on Facebook, since I'm extremely happy with them. I swear, they are the most comfortable heels I've ever walked in! And talking about heels. I know a lot of people think that depression means that people cut themselves. Not always, I just wear a pair of heels all day :P Not literally, of course! But I do think every girl that self-mutilates should wear heels in stead. It's quite painful when you're not used to it and you won't have those awful scars! Or is that a wrong way of thinking? Anayways.. Picture of my shoe!!!

A nice nude patent pump with platform. They don't look comfortable at all! But they are fantastic. I know I should not have bought these, but I was desperate because I've wanted these for ages and I've been wanting to buy shoes for ages as well. So I took a bit of money from my savings account... I know, it's stupid! But I have a good reason to wear heels more often now. (:

When I got home my dad was here, to visit, so that was nice. We had Chinese food for diner ^^
Right now I'm actually tired, which is weird because normally I don't get tired until 3 a.m. So it's shower time and off to bed for me (: Good days just drain more energy I guess?


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Shoppen is altijd fijn. OMG wat een hoge hak, ik kan daar echt niet op lopen. Hij is wel mooi !

  2. @ Samantha: Ik dacht ook dat ik er niet op zou kunnen lopen, maar toen ik ze eenmaal aan deed dacht ik echt WOW! Ze zijn niet zo comfortabel als een paar sneakers, maar wel erg makkelijk om op te lopen (: