zaterdag 16 april 2011

I'm a painting pro!

So today was supposed to be another one just wasted away. But noooo! Everything changed when my mom called to tell me to bring something over to her flat. So I was all like "You kidding me?! Do I really have to cycle all the way over for that fucking thing?" And her answer was: "Well, you could just stay here and help us paint.. We have an extra brush" Well hooray... I was incredible cranky so not looking forward to painting walls the rest of the day. So I changed into some scruffy old clothes and got on my bike. I cycled so super fast I got there in like 10 minutes instead of the normal 20 minutes (:
So how did Miss Crankypants survive this day?

When I first arrived I couldn't really do anything... So I was just standing there, feeling like something unnecessary, looking around the room. All of a sudden my uncle was like here's a brush, go paint something. So I started painting the hallway white. I thought it looked bad and uneven but my mom was pleased so.. Whatever right? Then my mom was trying to paint behind the radiator, which is a pain in the ass to do! But I thought I might as well do it so I could feel more useful.  In the meantime mom would get us some lunch and I just painted away!

I noticed that something that needs to be done with precision and care is totally my thing. As long as I can focus on that, do it in my own way and have some background music to sing to I'm happy. So when the tough job around and behind the radiator was done I started on the wall next to it. I was still pretty clean once I was done, so that must mean I did a great job! :P So from now on, I am wall painting pro ya'll!! (not really..)

Sooooooooo........... In a few minutes my pizza will be ready and I will totally enjoy it. Haven't had pizza in at least two months *GO NANA!!!* After my pizza I will definitely take a nice shower and get ready for some partying! I am pretty beat though, but I won't let that get to me.

Have a great Saturday night (L)


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