vrijdag 15 april 2011


Lately I've been having incredibly bad headaches that don't seem to go away. Sometimes even a week in a row. It's so friggin' annoying! And taking some aspirin doesn't do the trick ): I'm not a big fan of taking pills anyway, so I don't want to take to many of those nasty things. I think I might need glasses or something? Because I've been squinting with my eyes a lot, especially when I'm using my laptop. Sometimes I realize my nose is almost rubbing the screen, that's how close I get to it. I'm pretty sure that is the reason, because I feel the pain coming from my neck. Also, once I have a headache I should NEVER bend over, because my headache gets 10 times worse and I feel super dizzy :P So that is really weird.

Anyways, today I didn't do much I think. Just a shower, breakfast (well.. lunch), took a quick walk around the block, made a video for my beauty blog and went floor/paint/wallpaper shopping with my mom. Okay and the quick walk really was a quick walk! I was back in about 10 minutes, probably less. Didn't know I could walk that fast :D *Speed Walk Champion!* 

Seriously... I don't EVER want to go shopping with my mom again when she needs floor, wallpaper and/or paint. It takes millions of light years before she finds something she likes. I mean, I already picked out 10 ways to decorate her room using all sorts of wallpaper and paint. She's just not easily satisfied I guess? She had her sister and brother-in-law (so my aunt and uncle) along for the ride. Thanks god they are funny as hell, they don't know that their selves though. So finally she had a wallpaper (one that is really pretty, but impossible to match with paint, floors and curtains...) and she decided to just go for white paint. Seriously? How BORING? And of course she decided she liked the floor she saw in the first store she went best.... So yes, my frustration level at the end was pretty high. Okay, I did flirt a little with the dude who helped us out with the floors, that was fun (: Eventually we dragged heavy 14 packs of laminate upstairs to her flat/apartment. Thank god for elevators!! (:


Oh and dad dropped grandpa's chair off today, so it will be in our living room from now on (: It doesn't match the rest of the room and furniture at all :P But it has lots of memories attached to it, so we couldn't bare to throw it out. Hooray for touchable memories! (:

Okay, my headache is still not over and I have nothing to tell you anymore so....
See ya later alligator!

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