maandag 11 april 2011

Negative vs Positive

When 9 out of 10 times you think negative thoughts, you barely notice you're dragging yourself down. When in your eyes everything you do is either not special on exciting life gets boring and just a drag.
And every time something goes wrong or things don't go the way they were supposed to you think it's because of you. Yes, at that point you actually believe you are worthless. And the positive things that happen to you are barely noticeable. What to do?

 It might be tough, but it is super important to start changing your thoughts! How? Every time you think you're worthless or something else negative you write down what happened. And mostly you write down the thoughts you had and why they made you feel bad about yourself. Once you found those thoughts, you tell yourself why they are true. So for example you drop a glass and it breaks. You start thinking oh I'm so clumsy, I suck at everything and I can't even hold a glass! That makes you feel bad about yourself and drags your whole mood down. Now you go tell yourself exactly why you suck at everything. And remember, everything is a whole lot!

Once you're done making that list, you make a list why you DON'T suck at everything. And again, everything is a whole lot! So.. if you are good at drawing, singing, writing, helping others, listening, soccer, chess... Everything you're good at is a pro to everything you suck at. once you wrote down that list, mostly that list is longer than the negative one. Think of it as pro's and con's to your negative thoughts.

Now rethink the whole situation. You drop the glass again, but instead of being all negative you be like oh snap, that sucks. But it happens to the best! Imagine how you would feel if those thoughts would come up in your head immediately. Exactly! You don't feel bad about your self at all and your mood isn't ruined.

To be honest, it is really hard to change your way of thinking. But as long as you notice the negative thoughts, it gets easier to change them into positive ones. As long as you keep trying, life gets a little easier.
Just do it one step at a time.
Oh and most important:


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