maandag 9 mei 2011

I'm just so tired...

Lately I'm just so tired.
So tired of everything.
Tired of being awake..
Tired of sleeping..
Tired of people thinking they know what it's like
Tired of them saying you should get out more

So sick and tired of people treating me like friggin dirt!
I have feelings you morrons! ):
So damn tired of feeling used by the people I love,
of feeling unwanted to the ones I need.

But mostly I'm sick and tired of being me...
Being like this
To feel like doing nothing at all!
Or to actually feel like doing something and then just being too afraid of doing it alone..
I just sit here all day

Dreaming of everything that's out of reach. Thinking of what I should do with my life.
The funny thing is..
I try to come up with things to do with my life
But my head just seems so empty.

And I noticed that ever since my dad moved in my energy and lust to live just got drained.
Like I have to start all over with almost feeling okay again.

I spend most of my mornings in bed 'till the afternoon, while when mom was here I woke up early and felt happy and energetic. I actually got out of the house almost every day.

Now I just want to spend my days in bed... I wish I could sleep for a couple of weeks.
just to see if shit has changed when I wake up again.

I'm also just tired of being so confused about how I feel
And tired of being tired of every fucking thing.

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